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How to Create a

Digital Profile

* by:Vikram Sriram
What is a Digital Profile? A digital representation of yourself
its basically your nametag online
-Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn
Signing Up Signing up requires a user name and password A strong password has atleast 15 characters has uppercase letters has numbers has symbols is not like your previous passwords is not your name is not your friend's name is not your family member's name is not a dictionary word is not a common name
What should I put on my digital profile?

Always put positive things about yourself!
Put up achievements, awards, activities....
And be nice to others!

Assist your friends when in need of help
Comfort your friends and respond postively to other's successes
The internet is not a place for mistakes!
Several people often make the mistake of building a wrong identity on the web.
But once you make that mistake, you cannot "undo" that mistake
Post things that meet the bare minimum in identifying yourself Do not post too much personal information on the internet

Do not swear under any circumstances!
Do not offend anybody in any way
Post only appropraite pictures that depict the postive side of your character
Remember anybody can right click and save the picture
They can also photoshop that picture and upload it and that may negatively affect you
When choosing your profile picture, choose wisely
Identify theft
Aware that your id and your personal information can be stolen and misused on the web. Always be cautios on what you share in the web and with who. Follow a good practices to create your IDs, also make sure that your compute is free of computer virus.
Criminals out there
Internet is a place where you can find all kinds of people. The criminals on the web could give your trouble or lead you to jail.
Your id is watched

The message you share in the web is watched, the offensive message could land you in jail or may have impact to your job in the future.
Virus attacks
Using your ids in the malicious web site could result in your computer attacked by a virus or a malware. Those could steal your information from your computer and get you into the trouble.

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