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Vikram Sriram

Birthday: Classified

School: Brea Olinda High


Call of Duty Blackops

Garry's Mod

Modern Warfare 2

Half-Life 2

Portal 2


Assasin's Creed Brotherhood

Hello, I am currently a GITA student at Brea Olinda High. My interests are video editing, playing guitar and programming. I like French fries, slurpees, and ice cream(chocolate is preffered). I like to work hard to acheive great things in life but I do not want to miss out on my childhood that will cease to exist in a few years.I have an interest in tecnological equipment, to mess around with things, discover something and etc.I want to do some low level programming such as C. One day I will combine my wood manufacturing skills and programming skills to invent. Ofcourse this will be aside my job as a programmer(in field not yet decided).

This website is mainly going to be about myself. So this is basically an "about me" page. There will be new things added to the website regularly to enhance the user's experience. There is a comment box below for commenting on this website. Please, no inappropriate comments.

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