Freshman First Semester


Hello, these are my projects feel free to look around. Here you can download and run my projects. In order to run these projects, you can either download and install Visual Basic(program I used to make these programs) or update your .net framework is more which saves alot of hard drive space.

Hello World Project(This is an introductory project)
Good Bye Project(This project was a sequence to the above)
Animation(The purpose of this program is to teach us how to animate using VB)
Help Page(This is my help page, this shows my fake company)
How to move an image(This program simulates a ball bouncing across the screen, this program is to teach how to animate)
Dice simulation program(This program simulates dice rolling and shows probabilities, this program is to teach how to control multiple data)
Craps casino game(This simulates the casino game-Craps, to make a program that corresponds to generating random numbers)
Light bulb project(This project concatenates text together)
If statements(This program simulates a salon, this is to teach us how to use if statements)
Mailing Label(This program concatenates text to make an andress)
Tshirt program(This program taught us how to simulate a buisness program)
Test Score Calculator(This program shows how taught us how to do arithmetic using VB)
Test Score Calculator using functions(Samething as the one above but using functions, like putting all orders in on place and then executing the order)
Trapezoid area calculator
Rosebowl program(This shows the stats of two bowl teams, this program taught us how to use lists)
9 Slot machine simulation(This program simulates a Slot Machine, this program taught us how to make generate random pictures corresponding to numbers)